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Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® ultra-moisturizing foam bath & wash for babies combines soothing baby lotion with aloe and 1/3 baby lotion with a thick foam for bath, which is sufficient gentle for sensitive skin of the child: 2 in 1 – can be used as a wash or as nutritious..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® Daily Lotion for babies combines a mixture of glycerin and shea butter to moisturize and protect the delicate skin of your baby: soothes sensitive and irritated skin; moisturizes and protects baby's skin from dryness; is specially des..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® Baby Shampoo with chamomile extract and soothing natural ingredients, gently cleans the sensitive skin of the baby's head, making hair soft and moisturized: makes hair healthy, gives a fresh aroma and a silky sheen; helps nourish your baby'..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® gentle shower gel & shampoo for babies, enriched with glycerin and panthenol, helps nourish the delicate skin of your baby, without drying or irritating: rich foam cleanses the body and hair from dirt and bacteria; makes skin and hair s..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil Daily Advance® moisturizing lotion is designed for all types, and especially problematic dry and very dry skin; it protects sensitive skin; ideal for daily use; contains Epidermal Replenishing Complex ™ – a unique combination of 5 sub..
Properties: Salytar® ointment – is a combination of together 3 active substances, which prevents the development of side effects in the form of irritation: 1. coal tar – consists of 10000 components (phenol, toluene, xylene, and other organic acids, of which only half is revealed.). I..