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Deals of the week
EPIDUO 0.1%/2.5% GEL | 30g/1.06oz
Properties and indications: perfect for the treatment of acne - contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and adapalene 0.1% in one tube; It kills 94% of bacteria and 73% decreases the formation of comedones; inhibits the production of sebum in the sebaceous glands; removes dead cells and renews the skin; removes black spots and prevents their development; n..
LOCERYL NAIL LACQUER 0.5% | 2.5ml/0.08 fl oz
Properties and indications: Loceryl ® lacquer (amorolfine hydrochloride 5%) is intended for the prevention of fungal infections and treatment of fungi onychomycosis on the nails of hands and feet. Highly active against the most common and rare pathogens of fungal nail infections: dermatophytes: Trichophyton spp., Microsporum spp., Epidermophyton spp.; yeasts: Candida spp.,..

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