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Properties and indications: Loceryl ® cream – is a cream for the prevention of fungal infections and the treatment of onychomycosis on the nails. It contains active substance amorolfine 0.025% (as hydrochloride), which belongs to the group of antifungal agents. It is effective in the ..
Properties and indications: Loceryl ® lacquer (amorolfine hydrochloride 5%) is intended for the prevention of fungal infections and treatment of fungi onychomycosis on the nails of hands and feet. Highly active against the most common and rare pathogens of fungal nail infections: ..
Benefits: Tifin Cream contains terbinafine 1% is used to treat superficial fungal infections similar to athlete’s bottom, ringworm, and jock itch.  It also helps to treat fungal skin infections like pityriasis (tinea versicolor), which causes white or dark saturation on the face, nec..
Properties and indications Trosyd® 28% is an antimycotic nail polish that is used to treat infections caused by nail fungus such as onychomycosis, dermatophytes and yeasts: contains the active substance 28% tioconazole, which does not allow the fungus to multiply; its dual fun..