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Indications and Properties: Cetaphil ® moisturizing lotion – is suitable for all skin types and skin with hypersensitivity, including those associated with medication that dries or irritates the skin; for problem skin (if there is acne, atopic dermatitis, eczema and other); ..
Properties and indications: Clinical Instant toner from irritation and redness – it is the only one of its kind toner, that instantly removes redness and soothe sensitive skin, especially problem skin with acne or rosacea. Its gentle formula filled with specially selected combination of e..
Properties and indications: Moisture Boost lotion for washing – is a gentle cleanser with milk texture for dry skin that removes dirt and makeup, leaving skin soft and without drying it out: lotion has an excellent silky and soft texture; recommended for dry and very dry skin; ..
Properties and indications: Skin Recovery toner for irritated skin – is a moisturizer toner with milk texture, with a mixture of powerful antioxidants, essential lipids, cell-connecting ingredients and reducing components, which help to eliminate dryness, flaking and redness of sensitive skin..
Properties: Calak ® calamine 15% lotion – is a gentle antiseptic with a cooling effect, which has antipruritic, soothing, regenerating, a drying and disinfecting actions. It also reduces rashes and soothes irritation, redness, edema, burning and tingling of the skin. Lotion maximum al..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® ultra-moisturizing foam bath & wash for babies combines soothing baby lotion with aloe and 1/3 baby lotion with a thick foam for bath, which is sufficient gentle for sensitive skin of the child: 2 in 1 – can be used as a wash or as nutritious..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® Daily Lotion for babies combines a mixture of glycerin and shea butter to moisturize and protect the delicate skin of your baby: soothes sensitive and irritated skin; moisturizes and protects baby's skin from dryness; is specially des..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® Baby Shampoo with chamomile extract and soothing natural ingredients, gently cleans the sensitive skin of the baby's head, making hair soft and moisturized: makes hair healthy, gives a fresh aroma and a silky sheen; helps nourish your baby'..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® gentle shower gel & shampoo for babies, enriched with glycerin and panthenol, helps nourish the delicate skin of your baby, without drying or irritating: rich foam cleanses the body and hair from dirt and bacteria; makes skin and hair s..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® Gentle Skin Cleanser – a mild lotion for washing which cleans and at the same time maintains the protection of the skin and the natural level of pH: soothes irritated skin – suitable for the treatment of acne, atopic dermatitis, ec..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® Intensive Moisturizing cream has been developed to provide moisture in the driest areas of the skin without a greasy residue; the non-irritating formula absorbs quickly for your convenience; soothes chronic cracked dry skin, retainin..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® moisturizing cream is suitable for sensitive, dry and very dry problem skin. A cream is specially designed for gentle and effective daily care, helping your skin look and feel better: specifically created to moisturize sensitive or dry s..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® RestoraDerm Body Wash 295 ml – it is the perfect cleanser for inclusion in the scheme of daily skin care for itching associated with eczema and atopic dermatitis. Using advanced technology, this gel gently cleanses the skin from dirt and enriches it ..
Properties and indications: Cetaphil ® RestoraDerm Body Moisturiser – an effective product for hydration of problem skin of the whole body. Its advanced technology helps to restore the skin's protective barrier and contribute to hydration for even the most difficult local skin diseases su..
Properties and indications: Desowen cream® (0.05% desonide) is a corticosteroid, which has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and vasoconstrictive properties. Desonide uses in the treatment of: psoriasis; eczema; eczema from degreasing; atopic dermatitis; contact..