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Refund Policy


If for some reason, we did not comply with the conditions, and you have not received your order within 90 days from the date of payment, we will refund the damage in full. In this case, the full sum you have spent will be refunded to your bank card or the bank account.

Please note, if your item was delayed by the postal service or customs in your country, and after being returned to us, we will only refund the amount of the item itself, as we cannot refund postage.
This is stated in our "Agreement" which you sign when placing your order: we cannot control and be responsible for your postal service, country or customs.

Return of goods

There is no return of goods in our store, so choose them carefully when ordering. But there are certain conditions under which we can make the refund – when the product is severely damaged or you did not receive your order (we will send you an identical product or make a refund).

The refund request and the reasons for the return

You can request a refund here, filling out the form. The reason for the return (of money or identical goods) can be:

  • I received the wrong item;
  • I received badly damaged goods.

Return Operations and Return Status

When we receive your application for a refund, the default return status in your personal account is – "Under Consideration". In our shop, there are two different return operations (depending on the situation and the client's requirements):

1. Exchange (identical goods for replacement are sent):

  • we review your application, and if the fact of damage and/or non-compliance is confirmed, we will - send you an identical product;
  • if a product for replacement is not on stock, the return status will change to "Pending receipt";
  • when the product is ready to ship – "Goods sent";
  • delivery will be made immediately, and its track-number will be sent on your e-mail;
  • after the goods are delivered to you, the status will change to "The transaction is completed / the goods are delivered".

2. Refund:

  • we review your application, and if the fact of damage and/or non-compliance is confirmed, we will refund you the money;
  • in this case, we will refund the damage within 25 days on your card/bank account and the return status will change to "Money refunded".

Order cancellation

You can cancel your order, but only in the case if it is not shipped from our warehouse. To do this, check its status by contacting technical support. But you'll have to pay the fees to the bank for this operation. The sum of all fees will be automatically deducted from the total purchase price, and the remainder of the sum will be refunded to your account or bank card within 25 days.

Changing the registered order

Registered and paid-up order cannot be changed. You should just make one more order if you decide to purchase other products from the shop. This order will be delivered in a separate package.

We thank you for your understanding!

Within 45 days from the date of order in our online store, you can contact us with any questions regarding your order, and we operatively provide you with further instructions to solve your problem.

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