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For Topical Use

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Properties and indications: A Ret-HC ® – is a triple combination for topical treatment of hyperpigmentation; It includes the following active ingredients: hydroquinone 2.0 % – evens out skin tone by blocking the synthesis of melanin; tretinoin 0.05 % – has regenerating..
Actinica® is a highly effective sunscreen lotion with a wide range of UV protection, designed for people who are exposed to constant ultraviolet radiation, for people with weakened immunity, and for people who have undergone organ transplantation, or for those who are regularly exposed to radiati..
Properties and indications: Arretin cream 0,05% is one of the best anti-inflammatory creams that helps to cure acne without scars; pretty quickly renews skin cells; reduces the occurrence of comedones; resists hyperpigmentation of the skin; anti-aging product - smo..
Properties and indications: Biluma ® – it is mixed with natural ingredients cream for skin lightening, which reduces the synthesis of melanin under various forms of hyperpigmentation such as dark and age spots, freckles, melasma: reduces dark spots and evens skin color; signific..
Properties and indications: Clear Pore gel for washing – this is a gentle cleanser for face, which removes excess oiliness and makeup, exfoliate dead skin cells without irritating or drying it out. He restrains acne breakouts, leaving skin perfectly clean and more adapted to the penetrati..
Properties and indications: Clinical Instant toner from irritation and redness – it is the only one of its kind toner, that instantly removes redness and soothe sensitive skin, especially problem skin with acne or rosacea. Its gentle formula filled with specially selected combination of e..
Properties and indications: Eldoquin cream, with hydroquinonone, helps to eliminate dark pigmented spots on the skin, removes hyperpigmentation, age spots, freckles or spots after acne; excellent quality from the manufacturer Valeant; FDA Approved; The composition and ..
Properties and indications: Epilite solution ® hydroquinone 5%, blocks melanin synthesis and evens out skin tone; is used to brighten dark spots on the skin caused by pregnancy, birth control pills, hormonal therapy, or skin lesions; is intended to treat: hyperpigmentation; ..
Properties and indications: Eqinon Forte ® cream contains 5% hydroquinone, which blocks the synthesis of melanin and eliminates the dark spots on the skin; intended for the treatment severe forms of hyperpigmentation and melanoderma; FDA – approved product. The composi..
Properties and Indications: Kojic cream contains azeloglycine (a derivative of azelaic acid) and kojic acid dipalmitate, it works well on post-acne, age spots and freckles; effectively whitens and brightens dark spots, and also prevents the appearance of new age spots; has soo..
Properties and indications: Melacare (Tri-Luma) cream is designed for topical treatment of dark and brown spots, melasma and freckles; This is a combination of three complementary active agents: depigmenting agent (2% hydroquinone) – blocks the melanin, and evens skin t..
Properties and indications: Melalite 15 ® hydroquinone cream 2%, is used to eliminate dark spots on the skin; is intended to treat: hyperpigmentation; melasma; age spots; freckles, etc; large capacity - 50 grams; includes sunscreens. The compo..
Properties and indications: Melalite Forte ® cream, contains 4% hydroquinone, which blocks the synthesis of melanin and eliminates the dark spots on the skin; Is intended to treat: hyperpigmentation; melasma; age spots; freckles, etc. The composition..
Properties: Melalong AD contains 2% mequinol, a hydroquinone derivative that actively treats pigmentation; also contains tretinoin 0.025%, a derivative form of vitamin A, which regenerates the skin and has whitening properties; used to treat lithigo, age spots, sun spots, frec..
Properties and indications: Melano-TX cream is used for local therapy of hyperpigmentation (dark spots, brown and age spots), post-acne, uneven skin tone, chloasma, melasma, in case of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (plastic surgery, laser resurfacing, etc.); contains the activ..