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Properties and indications: Clinical Instant toner from irritation and redness – it is the only one of its kind toner, that instantly removes redness and soothe sensitive skin, especially problem skin with acne or rosacea. Its gentle formula filled with specially selected combination of e..
Properties and indications: Resist Anti-Aging Toner – is a powerful antioxidant formula that immediately soothe the skin and restore its youthful and healthy look. It contains plenty of anti-aging active ingredients that restore and strengthen the skin's protective barrier: reduce..
Properties and indications: Resist weightless toner from wrinkles and enlarged pores, feels easily on the skin and designed with proven and quality ingredients, which help normal and oily skin looking young for a long time. He perfectly complements the entire range of your daily skin care..
Properties and indications: Skin Balancing Toner for reducing pores – is a moisturizing toner for oily skin, which regulates the excessive oiliness and minimizes pores, helping to restore the normal function of damaged skin cells with powerful antioxidants, anti-irritants, and cell-binding co..
Properties and indications: Skin Recovery toner for irritated skin – is a moisturizer toner with milk texture, with a mixture of powerful antioxidants, essential lipids, cell-connecting ingredients and reducing components, which help to eliminate dryness, flaking and redness of sensitive skin..