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Founded on May 5, 1982 in the city of Surabaya, in the province of East Java, in Indonesia, Surya Dermato Medica Laboratories (SDM) aims to provide quality dermatological preparations, over-the-counter products and aesthetic dermatology.
In 1986, PT. SDM expanded the production of non-beta-lactam antibiotics, and then in 1992 the plant was expanded and reconstructed in accordance with cGMP regulation.
In 1995, PT. SDM finally received cGMP certification with an area consisting of three floors of an office building and three floors of production premises of 84 x 36 m2. In 2005, the company added another building for office and manufacturing purposes.
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Properties and indications: Refaquin ® cream is intended for topical treatment of dark spots, which are associated with melasma; It is the generic of Tri-Luma and comprises three complementary components: hydroquinone 4% - blocks melanin synthesis and evens skin tone ..