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Brand: Galderma
Product Code:62/20
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Country of manufacture: EU
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  • Aklief trifarotene cream helps to reduce and eliminate comedones;
  • has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces hyperpigmentation;
  • the cream was evaluated in 12-week double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trials in 200 medical centers (USA, Canada, Europe) involving 2400 patients with acne of 2-3 degrees of severity on the face on the trunk aged 9 years and older, where in all trials Aklief significantly reduced inflammatory lesions as early as two weeks on the face and after three to four weeks on the back, shoulders and chest, compared with placebo;
  • well tolerated when used;
  • FDA – approved product.

Release form:

gel – 75 grams / 2.65 oz


Active ingredient: trifarotene 50mcg

Inactive ingredients: allantoin, Simulgel 600 PHA (copolymer of acrylamide, and sodium acryloyldimethyltaurate, isohexadecane, polysorbate 80, sorbitan oleate), cyclomethicone, ethanol, phenoxyethanol, propylene glycol (E1520), medium-chain triglycerides, purified water


  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • children under 9 years old;
  • skin lesions (wounds, burns, etc.);
  • photosensitivity.

Side effects:

skin irritation, erythema, itching, flaking, dryness, and tingling / burning.

How to use:

  • clean the treated area and leave to dry, after apply in a thin layer once a day in the evening on the face, avoiding contact with eyes, lips, nasolabial folds and mucous membranes;
  • the cream can also be applied in a thin layer to the chest, shoulders and back;
  • reduce the risk of such irritation, use a moisturizer from the very beginning of treatment and, if necessary, reduce the frequency of using the cream or temporarily suspend its use.

Important information:

  • don’t apply to damaged skin (eg, cuts, abrasions), eczematous areas, and skin that is sunburned;
  • the cream may cause irritation such as erythema, peeling, dryness, tingling, or burning;
  • minimize exposure to sunlight, including solar lamps and phototherapy devices;
  • use sunscreen and protective clothing (such as a hat) on treated areas if exposure to sunlight cannot be avoided;
  • avoid the simultaneous use of other potentially irritating topical products (with or without medication).

How and where to store:

  • store cream at room temperature, 68 ° to 77 ° F (20 ° to 25 ° C);
  • store away from heat sources;
  • keep cream and all medicines out of the reach of children.
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