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Description: The three-step skin care procedure is designed to provide you with effective means to combat acne. Benzac 118 ml daily facial cleanser is included in the kit: cleansing can help prepare your skin to absorb benzoyl peroxide. Benzac AC 2.5% gel: this advanced formula absorb..
Properties and indications: light, non-greasy moisturizer nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and also protects it from harmful sunlight; non-comedogenic, non-greasy, without fragrances; dermatologically tested; UVA / UVB protection with active filters; reduces the..
Properties and indications: Benzac® facial scrub gently exfoliates and deeply cleanses the skin, leaving it clean and healthy: cleanses the pores and tenderly exfoliates the skin without damaging it; removes impurities and reduces the oiliness of the skin; contains large a..
Properties and indications: Benzac ® Daily Cleansing foam for the face – is a gentle, balanced formula with natural extracts of calendula and aloe vera, with care helps to cleanse sensitive and excessively oily skin with symptoms of acne: well removes impurities and helps to clean the..
Properties and indications: Benzac ® Daily Cleansing liquid for face – a specially balanced soft formula, with extracts of aloe vera and calendula, which thoroughly cleanse your problem skin from excessive oiliness, as well as help to prevent new outbreaks of acne: perfectly cleans cl..
Properties and indications: Benzac ® Wash Cleansing for face – contains a balanced formula with benzoyl peroxide, which cleanses the skin from oiliness and acne, and also prevent new acne elements: suitable for cleaning the skin with acne on the face/neck/body; the effect lasts ..
Properties and indications: Biluma ® – it is mixed with natural ingredients cream for skin lightening, which reduces the synthesis of melanin under various forms of hyperpigmentation such as dark and age spots, freckles, melasma: reduces dark spots and evens skin color; signific..
Properties and indications: perfect for the treatment of acne - contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and adapalene 0.1% in one tube; It kills 94% of bacteria and 73% decreases the formation of comedones; inhibits the production of sebum in the sebaceous glands; remov..
Properties and indications: The most effective treatment of acne 2 in 1 is the best treatment option today for moderate to severe acne; Epiduo Forte Gel reduces inflammation of acne (and post acne), removes black spots (comedones) and prevents their development in the future, and al..
Properties and indications: contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and 0.1% adapalene in one pump; it kills 94% of acne bacteria and by 73% decreases the formation of comedones; restarts regenerative processes in the skin cells; reduces oiliness and removes inflammation; i..
Properties and indications: Retacnyl ® tretinoin cream 0.025% is used for the treatment of acne; suitable for dry and sensitive skin; have antiseborrhoeic, anti-inflammatory, keratolytic and immunostimulatory activity; suppresses compound of pathogens cells that form acn..
Properties and indications: Retacnyl cream® contains a retinoid – tretinoin 0.05%, which is used for the treatment of acne; in the processing of open acne aligns tone and removes pigment spots (post-acne); the processing of closed blackheads helps them opening or transition to..
Properties and indications: Tri-Luma ® cream is designed for topical treatment of dark spots, which are associated with melasma; This is a combination of three complementary active agents: depigmenting agent (4% hydroquinone) – blocks the melanin, and evens skin tone; ..
Properties and indications: Benzac AC ® removes excess oilness and moisturizes the skin, by using advanced acrylate copolymer (AC) and glycerol complex; treats and helps prevent new acne lesions (contains benzoyl peroxide, which helps to unblock pores and killing 94% acne bacte..
Properties and indications: Efaderm® cream – it is moisturizing cream for all skin types, especially for dry and very dry. It makes it soft and flexible and retains hydrated for a long time. Efaderm cream intended for the treatment of: dry dehydrated skin; eczema; ..
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